Baby Jayapura Green Tree Python
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Baby Jayapura Green Tree Python

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Baby Jayapura Green Tree Python

Here is an image of a baby Jayapura green tree python:

Baby Jayapura green tree pythons are typically 12-15 inches long and have a bright yellow or orange coloration with black markings. As they mature, their coloration will become more green, and they will develop a black net pattern along their back.

Jayapura green tree pythons are relatively easy to care for, but they do require a high level of humidity. They should be housed in a terrarium that is at least 20 gallons in size, and the humidity level should be kept at 70-80%. Baby Jayapura green tree pythons should be fed live or frozen-thawed mice that are about the same size as the snake’s head.

Jayapura green tree pythons are known for their docile temperament, and they make good pets for experienced snake owners. However, they can be nippy when they are young, so it is important to handle them gently.

Here are some tips for caring for a baby Jayapura green tree python:

  • Provide a secure enclosure with a warm side and a cool side.
  • Use a substrate that is easy to clean, such as aspen shavings or paper towels.
  • Provide a water bowl that is large enough for the snake to soak in.
  • Offer food that is the same size as the snake’s head.
  • Handle the snake gently and regularly.

With proper care, a baby Jayapura green tree python can live for 20-30 years.


Baby Jayapura Green Tree Python

The Jayapura Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) is a specific locality of the Green Tree Python species, found around the Jayapura region in Papua Province, Indonesia. This locality is known for its distinct coloration and markings, making it a sought-after morph among snake enthusiasts.

Appearance: Baby Jayapura Green Tree Pythons typically display a bright green coloration with varying shades of blue, turquoise, or teal markings. The blue coloration can be seen in the form of spots, speckles, or streaks along the snake’s body. As they grow and mature, these colorations may change, but they often retain their striking appearance into adulthood.

Habitat: The Jayapura Green Tree Python is native to the Jayapura region of Papua Province, which is part of Indonesia. Like other Green Tree Pythons, they are arboreal and spend most of their time in trees, hunting and resting among the branches.

Captive Care: If you’re considering keeping a baby Jayapura Green Tree Python as a pet, it’s important to research their specific care requirements. This includes providing an appropriately sized enclosure with ample vertical space for climbing, maintaining proper humidity levels, establishing temperature gradients, and offering a suitable diet of small rodents.

Conservation Status: The conservation status of the Jayapura locality, like other Green Tree Pythons, can be influenced by habitat loss and the pet trade. Responsible sourcing and captive breeding are important for the species’ conservation.

When acquiring a baby Jayapura Green Tree Python, it’s advisable to obtain it from reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their animals. Engaging with experienced keepers and participating in online reptile communities can provide valuable insights and support for the proper care and husbandry of your pet snake. Remember that owning a snake, especially a morph with specific care requirements, requires commitment and dedication to provide the best possible care.

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