Powder Blue isopods

Powder Blue isopods For Sale

Given their many roles in the ecosystem of your terrarium or vivarium, powder blue isopods are an excellent addition. The first thing they do is clean their habitat by eating dead plant material, animal excrement, and leaf litter.

Their waste is a rich source of nutrients for your plants. Second, they make excellent treats for terrarium creatures like lizards and amphibians. Third, they are entertaining to watch and quite active.

Normally purplish-brown, Powder Blue isopods take on a beautiful blue sheen immediately before molting. Their name comes from their lovely waxy coloring, which also attracts both predators and hobbyists.

Of all the isopod species, Powder Blues may be the most active. Additionally, they tend to stay on top of the substrate and prefer to burrow less, hiding under leaves and bark.

Due to their soft exoskeleton and high reproductive rates once established, they make great pets for frogs, lizards, and other reptiles (possibly the softest of all isopods). Powder Blues are easier to digest than other species since they have a SOFT EXOSKELETON.

They serve a crucial role in the soil nutrient cycle and give your dogs a secondary source of high calcium meals. Omnivores include isopods. They eat feces, dead and rotting plant materials, leftover pieces of feeder or pray insects, and pretty much anything else in or on the substrate.

Powder Blue Isopods
Powder blues have a high level of activity and reproduce quickly. Excellent cleanup team for dryer settings, but also a fantastic isopod for beginners.
Grayish at first, they eventually develop purple and blue tones. The common moniker “powdery” may be deceptive because freshly molted isopods generally look gray/purple/brown until intense light is reflected off their waxy coating.
The powder blue does not ball up. When they feel threatened, they employ their speed to flee and hide.

Adults can grow up to 1.2 cm in length.

(0.5/5]) Difficulty – Excellent for those who have never owned a pet before, including kids.
may reproduce in practically any environment that has a substrate and a moisture source.

No particular care is required; nonetheless, they can be a nuisance in a simple isopod arrangement because they breed in most circumstances.


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