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Buy Penny Harold Brown


Buy Penny Harold Brown

“Penny Harold Brown” refers to a specific line or strain of gamefowl, named after the breeder or developer and possibly reflecting certain traits or characteristics of the birds. game roosters for sale

The name “Penny Harold Brown” suggests that it could be a combination of the breeder’s name or a person associated with the line, along with possibly a color or characteristic of the birds.

Gamefowl breeders often develop their own lines through selective breeding to enhance traits such as strength, agility, and fighting ability. These lines may become known for their particular attributes, and breeders often strive to maintain and improve these characteristics through careful breeding practices.

As with many gamefowl breeds, Penny Harold Brown gamefowl may have been bred and raised for cockfighting, although this activity is illegal in many places due to animal cruelty concerns. Some breeders may also keep them for ornamental purposes or as part of breeding programs aimed at preserving their genetic lines. gamefowl for sale


Buy Penny Harold Brown

Penny Harold Brown Gamefowl refers to a specific strain of gamefowl developed by breeder Harold Brown. These birds are known for their greyish feathers, often called Silverback Grays, and are descendants of the original line of Greys developed in the 1930s. Buy Penny Harold Brown

Penny Harold Brown Greys are prized for their:

  • Strength and Durability: This line is said to withstand heavy inbreeding for many generations without losing vigor, making them a great foundation for breeding other lines.
  • Aggression: They are known to be aggressive fighters, capuchin monkey for sale, with a powerful “thump” behind their blows.
  • Gray Feathering: The dominant trait is a beautiful silver-gray color.

They are popular among breeders who want to improve their existing stock through crossing or who appreciate strong purebred lines. fighting roosters for sale

It’s important to note that:

  • Gamefowl breeding can be a complex topic and some of the practices may be legal in certain regions. Be sure to research local laws before considering breeding gamefowl. whitehackle gamefowl
  • Cockfighting, the original purpose of breeding gamefowl, is legal in most places due to animal cruelty concerns.
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