Magic Potion Isopods

Magic Potion Isopods


  • Japanese Magic Potion isopods are native to the Mediterranean but have much sought after and wide geographical distribution because of their distinct look. Japanese Magic Potion isopods are a medium-sized terrestrial “roly-poly” that reaches 9 – 16 mm in length.
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Welcome to the world of Magic Potion Isopods! These tiny, but mighty creatures have been gaining popularity in the world of reptile and amphibian care for their ability to clean and maintain terrariums. But what exactly are isopods and how can they benefit your pet’s habitat? Read on to learn more about the magic of Magic Potion Isopods.

What are Isopods?

Isopods are small, crustacean animals that are closely related to shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. They are commonly known as “pill bugs” or “roly polies” due to their ability to roll into a ball when threatened. Isopods are found all over the world and are known for their hard exoskeletons and multiple pairs of legs.

There are several different species of isopods that are commonly kept as pets, including the popular dwarf white isopod (Porcellio scaber). These small isopods are native to Europe and are popular in the reptile and amphibian hobby due to their size and cleanliness.

Benefits of Isopods:

Isopods have several benefits when it comes to caring for reptiles and amphibians. One of the main benefits is their ability to clean and maintain terrariums. Isopods will eat any organic matter that is left in the terrarium, including feces, shed skin, and uneaten food. This helps to keep the terrarium clean and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.

In addition to their cleaning abilities, isopods are also a great source of food for reptiles and amphibians. Many species of reptiles and amphibians, such as chameleons, geckos, and frogs, will readily eat isopods. Isopods are a good source of protein and can be fed to pets as a supplement to their regular diet.

Magic Potion Isopods:

So, what sets Magic Potion Isopods apart from other isopod species? The answer is in their name – magic! Our team of experts has developed a special blend of nutrients and minerals that we add to the isopods’ diet. This results in isopods that are healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant in color than standard isopods.

Our process begins with sourcing the highest quality isopods from trusted suppliers. We then carefully mix our magic potion blend into their diet to enhance their natural abilities. The result is isopods that are sure to impress with their cleaning skills and overall health.

In addition to their magical powers, Magic Potion Isopods are also easy to care for. They require a substrate of coconut coir or peat moss and a small dish of water. It is recommended to keep the humidity in their enclosure between 70-80%. They can also be fed a variety of fruits and vegetables as a supplement to their diet.


Magic Potion Isopods are a unique and beneficial addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat. Their cleaning abilities and nutritional value make them a valuable asset to pet care. With their magical diet and easy care requirements, these little creatures are sure to be a hit with both pets and their owners.


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